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What is Contentgraphy for me?

It’s a made-up term I use for a place (like a website) that gathers all the content in one place.
Imagine you’re an Artist and you share your art on multiple websites, but you’re also a musician and you use Spotify to share your music. A Contentgraphy -Like a biography- describes your online personality and shows off your skills on social media and on the Internet. So by linking all your external websites, social medias and activities you create your online biography, aka Contentgraphy.
Why would you do this? We live in a connected World and each one of us are not bound by a single task or skill in life. We love learning and we love sharing. Plus, succeeding in one field will get your hopes up in other fields. Imagine that you’re rocking on the charts because of your latest music release, but you were struggling to get reviews about the short videos that you recorded on your free time. Your success in music industry will get your films on the chart as well, because your contents are connected and you -as a content creator- have a Contentgraphy that shows off your skills in the World.